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Related article: Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2000 17:33:36 EDT From: Subject: adventures of tray and jay 47"Adventures of Tray and Jay 47"PART 47: TRAY SUCKS AT GOLFSee, some older guys are cool. Some are real hot, in fact. Some are awesome. And then there are some who are D) All of the above, like my Econ professor, Dr. Wallis. Wally, he makes his students call him, but he only has to make us at first because after a day or two it's the only way we can think of the guy. He doesn't look like a Wally at all, see, he looks like a Dr. Wallis: ramrod straight posture, totally tweedy threads, pipe, the whole nine yards. Oh, yeah, and those gray sideburns. Man, that's what gets me. Gray sideburns on a hot daddy professor who's younger than my own pop! Well, fuck, it's just too sexy. I'd day dreamed of Wally since beginning of semester, and there's nothing harder than taking notes on what the Fed's up to while sporting a thick, sappy piece of wood in your pants.Well, first I heard the professor had a son was when I met old Wally at office hours for some help with something in the day's lecture, and I saw the picture on his desk, and Wally saw me see it"Good looking kid, isn't he?" Wally asked, staring at the picture himself so I didn't think he really expected an answer, but then he turned his most intimidating gaze on me and waited. What was I supposed to say?"Yeah, he is," I agreed like a total cocksucker. Shit, the kid was maybe 16 with long, shiny brown hair and smooth, creamy skin and freaky, wide-open, moss-green eyes that seemed to pull at the corners of his sarcastic little mouth with the reddest, thinnest, wettest lips I Top Lolita Sites ever saw. Wally brightened up and leaned forward."Sam is beautiful, isn't he?" I grinned nervously and nodded. "He has the killer looks and the brains and not a whit of drive to do anything but play golf and go sailing and skiing and whatnot, Tray. Don't get me wrong, at least he's very good at all those things he likes to do. Anything he sets his mind to, he does well.""You mean he doesn't go in for academics, right?" I broke in bluntly, and Wally's face fell. I scooted my chair a little closer, and I swear my hand just went out and touched my professor's leg, I didn't mean anything, okay. It just did it on its own, see. Wally looked at my long fingers there on his thigh, and I snapped and pulled back fast."Sam's a lot like you, Tray," Wally said thoughtfully, catching me way off guard, see, because I didn't know what he meant. I licked my lips and blinked hard and sat back, and my legs spread naturally until Wally's eyes flashed there between them, and I slammed them shut. "Do you golf?"I almost cracked up. "Me? Golf? Nuh-uh! Oh, I saw 'Caddy Shack,' if that counts.""Well, why not join Sam and me this Saturday at the Club?" Wally totally ignored my little joke. You had to see the poor guy's face. The way it lit up suddenly, see, like he was a kid himself. What could I say?"I'll try anything once, Wally.""I bet you will," is all he said, but his eyes sparkled. Fuck.So, Saturday morning at 9 I met them at the Club, and Sam damn near jumped out of his dad's Mercedes while it was still moving! His big old wide eyes were locked on me, and his mouth curved all the way into a sexy-as-hell smile, and he dropped two day bags and grabbed my hand and pumped it for all it was worth. That was the first twinge my cock got for that mischievous kid. Bad boy! Down, boy! My pecker, I mean."Where's your stuff?" Sam asked seriously, and I frowned. "Your clothes?""What you see is what you get," I shrugged, and his mouth dropped. Wally was coming at us dragging two bags of clubs, and suddenly I actually blushed! For real! They both saw it, and Sam's mouth dropped even lower."I know you have manners in there somewhere, Sam, see if you can't dig them up, eh?" went his old man, and I had to lighten up at that."No, that's cool, we'll get you some at the Pro Shop," Sam volunteered his dad, who never even batted an eye. Sam grabbed a bag of clubs and slung them easily over his surprisingly broad shoulders. Wally just waved, and Sam fell in beside me as we followed.I'm here to tell ya, golf clothes are the dorkiest! Jesus Christ! But Wally was paying, and I had to wonder where we got to dress, you know, so I grinned and showed my dimples as father and son selected my day's wardrobe, from these cute little soft pants and knitted casual short sleeve shirt with something way stupid stitched on the breast to the ugliest shoes I ever saw. At least, I figured, no one I know would be there to see me.So then we all walked over to the Clubhouse and down some stairs, and the smell of showers and men and sweat hit me hard. I swooned. Sam caught my elbow and shot me a concerned look and cocked his head at me, so I smiled and nodded and took a deep breath, and that was that. We entered the locker room together, and Wally and Sam knew everyone, so they both were busy shaking hands. Sam had a nasty little smirk on his lips for some of them, I noticed.There were men of all ages in there, see, and a few boys, too. Some Top Lolita Sites of them gross but most of them amazingly healthy and fit. Fuck, yeah. And all of them half or more naked! It was a feast! I left my Tommys at home, see, because who knew I'd find myself in this position, but I aint shy. Hell, no. Especially in a sultry room full of glistening men, all kinds of men, getting in and out of their clothes. So when my pants were all that was left, I dropped them.Sam's eyes flicked to my dangling member automatically, casually at first, and away. Then they turned back slowly, trying not to but powerless, and his face became truly sweet as he stared at me down there innocently, really shocked by the soft length of my dick nestling straight down between my loose balls. Sam just stared and stared. Wally kept his eyes to himself, I noticed, and I wished like hell I could get a look at their putters! But they both had underwear on, of course.I pulled on my new golf pants leisurely, watching Sam as he swallowed and kept trying not to look, but he couldn't stop himself. It was so precious I felt warm all over, and so did my prick, which went straight out in front of me in a heartbeat. Sam's eyes widened in true alarm, and he looked up and into my eyes...BUSTED! Oh, the blush of an adolescent boy who is caught peeking in the locker room is a real treat. He glanced at the floor and hurried into his clothes, but he looked twice more into my eyes, afraid of something...That's when he pulled his pants up roughly over his Boxers, and the piss slit bunched up with his cock and balls trapped, and out flopped his pale, slender penis, long and very hard. His face knotted up in humiliation, and he quickly stuffed it back down, way down. Goddamn, I wish I could drill it into every teenage dude's thick skull that poppin a bone in the locker room is the most normal thing in the world. Poor Sam's color didn't return to normal until we were back outside.Despite all the men in the locker room, there was no one in sight as we approached the first tee, so I kind of hung back to watch, but Sam took off running and disappeared around a corner and then there was this soft hum and he was headed straight at me in this cute little electric cart! No shit! Just like the movies! I mean it, I had to jump out of the way or get run down, and Wally frowned like any dad. Sam got out fast, grinning evilly, and bent to pull a club with a big soft cover over it, which he pulled off and handed the club to me."Check out that bulge," he said excitedly, and all I could think was how mine had to show suddenly as I peered in his sweet eyes for a sign if he was messing with me. Sam raised his eyes innocently and rubbed a shiny curve on the wood part of the club, and I raised my eyes back at him, not-so-innocent. His head cocked back in surprise, but he handed me the club."You go first, Tray," Wally called to me, and Sam's eyes sparkled."Yeah, stud, show us what you got," said Sam, and I swear to God! Did he know what he was doing to me or what? He tossed me a ball, and I walked slowly over to where I thought guys always stood in the movies and dropped it on the grass, and Sam cracked up."Forgetting something, Tray?" I felt hot under the collar, not the good kind, either. Sam reached in his pocket and dug, and I saw his balls take shape down to the side , but then he was flicking something at me, and I knew it was the wood thing you put the ball on. Oh, yeah! Shit. So I got the ball set up and grabbed the club in the middle and put one foot forward and one back, for balance, see..."Good God, you duffer, that's no way to address the damn ball, Tray!" Sam sputtered loudly in amusement, and I spun on him fast, pissed."Maybe we haven't been properly introduced," I spat with all the control I had, and Wally chuckled."Well here, lemme show you, then," Sam offered apologetically and hurried to my side. He covered my right hand with his soft, little one and wrapped his body behind and around mine, way too close, see, and then he took my left hand the same gentle way and easily pulled them both up the shaft of the club -- no shit, the shaft! -- and my insides went jelly. My knees buckled again. "Easy, boy," he whispered. "I'm right here. You don't wanna choke the sucker, ease up and grip the driver firmly right about here." He squeezed my hands, and I swallowed. Was Wally catching all this shit? "Okay." I felt his hot breath on my neck and the fly of his slacks on my butt. "Now, put your left foot back by your right and...yeah, that's right, spread 'em, just like that, comfortable but not off-balance. Right, now ..." Sam let go of me and stepped away, and my heart fell as my cock rose. " step back a little more and take a practice swing."I took a deep breath and shook my head clearer and swallowed hard and tried to focus on the little white ball, but it was hard, see, hard as hell with all the damn blood pumping everywhere in me just that second! So I went for it, I swung that sucker back like it was a machete and I was hacking at wheat in a field, then back down hard, and even though I swear I aimed at the grass I hit the stupid ball, and it went flying, flying, into the woods! Fuck me! It was the funniest thing Sam ever saw, apparently."DUFFER!" he roared, but I remembered the feel of him close to my rear and lightened up on the kid. He is just a kid, after all, I reminded myself and tried not to think about the dripping, wooden driver in my pants. Some storm clouds were moving in fast."Anyone ever get struck by lightning out here?" I asked, trying not to sound too serious."Hardly ever," Wally said with a straight face."Only old farts," Sam added. "Does 'em good, I say."Well, by the time we got to the green, I was a buzzard, Sam was pleased to tell me. Two over par. There was no bird to describe where I finished. It started sprinkling, and thunder cracked a few seconds away, which I do understand. But my hosts weren't concerned.We teed off the second hole, with more welcome but unnecessary closeness from Sam, and I got it on the fairway that time. God, I was so damn proud of myself, too, see. Top Lolita Sites Sam cheered, and Wally patted my back."See there, Tray, all you needed was a little...direction...from my son," Wally encouraged me. Oh, my God, he encouraged me the wrong way, man! I have such a dirty mind as it is! The rain started coming down for real, and we were soaked in seconds. Suddenly, Sam pulled off his shirt and tucked it down the back of his pants and playfully rubbed his smooth belly, and when he addressed the ball I felt stuff squirt out of my boner. Then he swung, and it was so fucking beautiful. I watched the ball disappear straight down the fairway, and I actually saw it drop...a few yards from the green!"Hell of a shot, son!" Wally praised his boy and patted the kid on the back, and the old man's hand stayed there a long time, I noticed, and Sam kind of moved in closer to his dad, just soaking it up.Hell, I couldn't think of anything but the lightning coming closer, so I overshot the green, and Sam ran over to me and wrapped his arms all the way around my soaked body and acted like he wanted to take me down, but I'm bigger than he is and decided to use it. I flipped the sucker and straddled him, on my knees, holding his wrists to the grass. He looked scared then. Good! I got up and let him go, and Wally was watching weird. Not upset or anything. But something."All I was gonna say is, I thought I heard someone knocking at the back door, is all," said Sam, sulky and getting to his feet and wiping little pieces of grass off his side. He was so sexy right then I wanted to jump his bones. That's when lightning struck a tree not twenty yards away, and I felt my hair trying to stand up!"Better head in to that shack over there," Wally said calmly. "Let her pass.""Cool!" Sam said, watching me oddly but smiling. No, glowing. Yeah, glowing. It made me nervous and breathless, see. We all hopped in the cart and zipped over to the shack, which had benches and windows to look out. So Wally stood by one and gazed out at the storm to one side, and I moved to another and saw it was coming on strong from that side, too, and I jumped when Sam's hand landed on the small of my back and stayed put. I looked down at his face, but he wouldn't meet my eyes. He was nervous, for sure, and swallowed funny. He was also breathing hard. His fingers traced back and forth down near my waist!"Beautiful, isn't it, boys?" Wally breathed quietly, and I flinched and looked at him, but he wasn't paying attention."Yeah," I choked."Uh-huh," echoed Sam, and his free hand went to the bottom of the window frame in front of me and wedged itself between the painted wood and my fly. He had to feel my bone twitch! I felt his chest heaving in barely controlled thrill. But still...I mean, my God! I wasn't prepared for his fingers to start tugging my shirt up from under my pants! I panted and froze, unable to move to stop the boy and scared stiff his dad would turn and freak. In a few seconds, Sam had his wet fingers up under my shirt and stroking my slick happy trail! Very happy trail, but worried sick, too.I couldn't help myself then, see, my hand just went for it. My right hand. It reached back and cupped the drenched bulge in Sam's crotch and squeezed gently, and he moaned! Loud! I turned to Wally again, but he had turned away completely, almost as if he knew what was going down and...Sam unzipped my pants and snaked his little hand in there and took me firmly, like he told me to do to the driver, and I sucked in a long, overwhelmed breath. The kid's forehead just dropped to my shoulder, and I felt his lips on my bicep, open and panting rapidly. Then he went too far. He dropped to one knee and whipped my cock out and looked up in my eyes finally as I gaped down on him, and he...fuck! He went down on me! Still I stood there and let him! At that moment, I didn't give a damn if I got thrown out amidst the lightning and rain and trees and tossed out of school on Monday, all I could think was how fucking totally outstanding that 16-year-old's hot mouth felt going up and down my shaft!I held onto his damp head and leaned into the wall of the shack and watched his soft face with eyes closed, and how his spit welled up and over the creases of his mouth and some of it dripped down his cheeks, and I stroked his pale skin and took his chin with one hand while my other touched those red lips of his and felt my wood as it slid all drippy wet in and out, and I looked over my shoulder again and busted Wally watching, but as soon as he saw me looking he jerked his head back to the storm outside! Damn! He knew!"Whatthefuck?" I whispered, and my groin exploded with warmth, and Sam's fingers tickled my spit-soaked nuts that he'd pulled through my fly, and he grunted and bobbed his head faster and further down my club and scooted urgently closer to me, dropping to both knees then planted square between my feet. "God, kid, I'm gonna lose it, dude, you better stop, man, I mean it," I groan-whispered, but Sam grabbed my hips and pulled until I felt my red-hot pecker slip all the way down his throat, and that, of course, was the end.I throbbed inside that boy, my back arching, eyes Top Lolita Sites slamming shut, mouth wide open and choking out this primal gasp, and my hands giving in and forcing the back of his flaring hot head into me until his button nose nestled inside my fly and into my sweaty pubes. I heard Sam choking and sputtering but I couldn't help it, I bucked my hips hard into him and gave it all up. As I eased down from that incredible blowjob, my muscles settled and spazzed and my breath came out ragged as hell, and I looked again and saw Wally was touching himself down below, not much, but still!Sam kept on sucking me and running his outrageous tongue up my sensitive shaft all the time and swallowing loud, slurping my bone! I slowly dripped everything I had into the little dude, and he took it patiently. Then I started getting that special rock-hard-on that comes after a fantastic suck when the dude's mouth refuses to let go and it all starts to build back up again. Lightning flashed all around us, and thunder rolled, and Wally STARED as one of his students got blown by his own adolescent son! It was all too much, and I kind of laughed, I guess. Sam stopped sucking me finally and looked up, hurt."Wasn't it okay?" he asked, his eyes shiny, his throat thick with my sperm."It was the best, kid," I sighed. "But whatthefuck? Did you two plan this?""Not exactly," Wally spoke up shakily. ", I guess I have to admit I hoped you two would hit it off and maybe hook up on your own some time...later, maybe. But this."Sam stood, his legs quivering. I automatically steadied him with my hands, and he impulsively wrapped his arms around me and buried his face in my chest, under my chin."We've had some man-to-man talks, you see," Wally continued quickly, to explain it all, I guess! "I told my son it's okay if he wants to...experiment that way. But I didn't want him doing anything with the wrong sort of boy, and I know you're gay, Tray, but everything I know of you says you're the perfect role model for my boy, whether he', curious, or gay, or whatever."My cock was pressed tight up against Sam's bare belly. He held on tight. I reflexively kissed the top of his head, and he sighed happily and turned his face up to mine, and his relaxed eyes bore into me before closing, and he lifted his feet up to get his mouth closer, and the next thing you know, we were kissing! Soft and sweet, but it was kissing, alright, without tongue. Take my breath away! My hands sort of roamed down to his butt, which was hard and flexing under his thin slacks."Just pretend I'm Top Lolita Sites not here," Wally said, and I heard his feet scuff the floor as he turned away again. I gently made Sam stop and pulled away, and I crossed to his dad and lay both of my hands on his shoulders, and the poor guy jumped! But he didn't turn around. I stroked him slowly, all the way down his arms to his dry hands, and I took them and pressed myself up to his rear and wrapped my arms around him as his son did to me, and then I heard Sam panting and moving closer for a better look, see! Sam did to me what I did to his dad! It was too sexy!"Oh, my," chuckled Wally, and the way he sagged in my arms was precious. "I had...certain feelings...when I was a boy, and then a young man...but they went away...I thought. Then, last year, when Sam's wife...passed away, well...these certain feelings...returned.""Uh-huh," I breathed, not about to fuck it up with too much talk of my own."But that's ridiculous," Wally tried to dismiss his urges, and Sam let go of me and turned his dad to face him."No, dad, go for it! Please! I mean, why didn't you tell me...when I told you what I was feeling? I though it was just me.""I don't want you to think it has to be that way, son, because of anything I ever felt or thought, you see, because you're so young, you have everything ahead of you, and it can be...well, so painful, at times...""Yeah," I agreed softly, but Sam was having none of that! He made his dad and me face each other, and our faces went close, and my eyes drooped, and fuck it, it just happened. Wally and me kissed! Only the old man Top Lolita Sites knew how to use his tongue! Hot shit! I lost track of the kid, see, because Wally's hands were all over me suddenly, and my hand was down his pants and around his very long cock faster than lightning!Well, next thing, we were dropping each other's pants and grinding our cocks and balls into each other like mad, and I heard Sam beating his own meat and panting like any horny teenage guy in a caddy shack watching his dad and one of his dad's students going at it, right, and out of the corner of an eye I saw Sam's hand come up and push down on Wally's shoulder, and that's all it took to make the old man go down on me! Ohmygod! Father and son both went down on me the same day! I felt my dick jump and leak in the old man's mouth."Man," the kid breathed respectfully, seeing dad take all of my thing at once. "Man, do it, dad, do it! Suck Tray's big dick, dad, that's so hot, I never thought you had it in you!""MMMMMMM!" went his dad, and my throat vibrated with joy as my head went back. Then Sam's face was nuzzling up to my back door, and his tiny nose tried to get in, so I bent forward a little and gave him a better shot, which he took, fast! Straight down the fairway! Ohmygod! Hole in one!"AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" I spazzed, and Sam laughed boyishly up my shoot. His tongue was so damn talented for a first-timer. Something bad came over me, so I stepped aside, forcing Wally's mouth off my pecker and his son's tongue out of my butthole, and they were both on their knees, face to face, when it hit them what I wanted to see. Wally was shocked and pulled back, but I prodded them closer, and Sam surprised me when he grabbed his dad's cock and bit his lower lip nervously."It's okay, dad, really," he said, but Wally shook his head."No way, Sam, I'm sorry, but it's not okay...""Dad, it's all I've ever wanted from you!" Wally and me froze. "I mean, that you've never given me, okay? And you've given me everything, dad, everything I had any right to want, so how could I ask for more? For...THAT? See? How does a son ask his dad for...THAT?"Sam's face was flushed and sweaty suddenly, Top Lolita Sites and his voice was breaking in emotion, and I ask you, what dad could ignore that? Wally pulled his son into a strong hug, but it dissolved pretty fast into nasty-nasty. Their faces inched closer and closer until their lips were almost together, and their eyes closed, and Sam went the final distance and planted one wet and wicked on dad's shocked sucker! Then they parted for a second to recover, and both went at it for real, sucking face like the best of them, and their hands explored real rough for father and son, I thought, but hey, I liked watching!Slowly, way slowly, Sam boy turned until his tight little rear teased his dad's riled monster, and dad moaned and held on tight to his boy and kind of danced so his hips moved back and forth and his wild pecker slipped up and down Sam's crack! Oh, man! I stood there watching happily and stroking my own slippery piece, which could go off any time, until...Wally pushed down on Sam's back, not hard, but the boy got the hint and bent over nice and willing, and when Wally looked to me for some guidance I made a lewd-ass gesture with my crazy tongue, and Wally's eyes bulged, but then he got on his knees and went to eating his son out with the most incredible patience and enjoyment I ever saw anyone put a rim job on another! I mean, Wally ran his tongue slowly up his boy's ass and all around the kid's cheeks til they were totally wet and shiny, and then Wally really got excited and played with Sam's puckered, unused hole with his fingertips, making his son jump and spaz all over with delight.Finally Wally stood again and jacked his cock to make the natural lube flowing out of its head go all over, and then he placed it right at his son's entrance and leaned into it gently, so slow it was almost like he wasn't going anywhere, but I saw it on Sam's startled face when it happened. The father's big, engorged cock head entered the son's cherry butthole, and Sam broke out sweating and burning all over so I moved in front of him and fed him my cock as Top Lolita Sites a distraction, see, which he took gratefully. You know he did!Because once the head is in, the shaft follows fast and dirty, and it was no different with this father and son than it was with any other, not that I know about such things, but shit! Oh, yeah, Top Lolita Sites Wally put one hot daddy fuck on his little boy! How could he help it? He pumped that sucker in and out, slow, but going faster and faster all the time, and I saw Sam's hand go underneath him and grab himself between the legs and go to stroking his own dick, and that was when he moaned real deep around my cock that was screwing his overwhelmed face!So Wally fucked the kid from behind while I banged him head-on, and all of us got off on it together. We were groaning and shivering in fag heaven in that caddy shack while the storm raged on, and I felt the thunder in my nuts coming closer, and heard the same tempest brewing in dad and son, and at last Wally met my eyes and grinned and then looked real alarmed, and his whole body twisted off, and knowing he was blasting off up his kid's shoot sent me over, spurt after spurt of my cream spewing into Sam's mouth and choking him again, like the first time.As Wally's shaking settled, and mine tried to, Sam grabbed my ass with one hand and back up, forcing his dad against the wall of the shack and his hungry ass even further down onto that big club of his dad's, and my own cock breached the kid's throat all the way...and he jacked himself furiously, whimpering in ecstasy and dripping sweat from his boy face, and I saw his dad's face twist in delight as Sam's hole clamped down in the throes of raining his seed down all over my bare legs! What a blast! I mean, cum everywhere!We all separated, breathing ragged, and I turned and bent over to lean on a rail, and that's when Sam's drippy bone snuggled up to MY back door! It was all gooey with his spunk, and I was all relaxed from the insane fag shit going down in that cramped little shack, so before I knew it, the kid had it in me! All the way! Don't think I didn't yelp, hell, I'm never THAT ready! See, Sam skewered me good, he did. Hole in one! I guess he must have thought Top Lolita Sites a lot about that moment, whoever he imagined doing it to as he beat off in solitary fantasy sessions, and then his dad taught him good, too, so anyway...Sam humped Top Lolita Sites me just fine! Straight in, no tricks, no laying off, just wham-bam, in and out, fast and serious! He balled me! I could even feel his loosening nuts slapping sticky and nasty on the soft, pale insides of my thighs, and the way he gripped my hips and panted and made this sexy-assed rumble in his throat, well, fuck me! The boy knew what he wanted, alright. I just rested my bobbing head on my warm arms and took it, you bet. No need to play with myself, the kid was doing it all, see, because, I mean, my dick was ready to blow on its own!So, when Wally stepped over and leaned close to my face to kiss me, I died! My lips parted, my eyes drooped, and I gave him my mouth so happily it was beautiful! When his mouth took mine, and his son spazzed and grunted and pounded my ass as hard as he could, my load cut loose all over! Sam's cock swelled in me and settled all the way to its hilt in my guts, and he leaned over my back and wrapped his arms around my sweaty chest and chugged off up my hole.The feel of a teenage boy's cock firing a full clip up your ass is too much, man. Nothing matches it. Throb-throb-throb! Pump-pump-pump! Spaz-spaz-spaz! I swear I could SMELL his jiz!That's when I noticed the storm had passed. We all stood and got our senses back and pulled our clothes back on as rays of sunlight came through the windows, and no one said a word. We all just strolled out and got in the cart and hummed back to the next tee."Oh, man!" went Sam. "Remind me to show you the ballwashers!"No way.
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